Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FatCat Ice Cream Bar: Worthwhile waffles for the Weary


Mandatory meme of a fat cat - that's how I felt after leaving FatCat Ice Cream Bar. I was ridiculously tempted to get an additional single scoop of ice-cream, but self-control was necessary. 

RESISTING WAS SO HARD. /cries tears of absolute misery and regret/

Thanks to a wonderful recommendation from Caitlin and also with my proposed agenda (we were supposed to be planning my Japan trip....failed obviously), we took a ten minute walk from Bedok interchange to this little nook in the neighbourhood.

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I would describe the atmosphere as classic and pretty modern; with the faux brick walls adding in a touch of industrialism (Plus points for instagram-worthy walls!!). I would have preferred it more lighted, which would have made for good food photographs, but overall, the place produces a pretty chill vibe. 

Since Caitlin had been there four times already, we went straight for the ice-cream display. Their flavours were pretty unique - butter beer for example. I think we wasted a whole bunch of spoons just trying out random flavours that sounded pleasing to the ear. Finally decided to get two scoops - one of Thai Matcha, and of course, you can never go wrong for Earl Grey Lavender. 

They offer original brown butter waffles, or the gourmet, which was what we chose. 

In addition to the waffle, we also got ourselves a hot mocha and a latte. 

Caught sight of these gorgeous ice-cream bars?!?! Don't they look attractive... Is that even a question I should be asking? They look like mini magnums. Side note: I've never eaten a magnum ice cream. 

Unfortunately, the place was pretty full so we didn't get to sit next to a wall (which would have added a nice touch to my photos), so we sat at the nearest available seat.

We didn't have to wait long for our order to arrive, and of course, I went all Instagram-mode. 

Just look at the generous circular drizzle of salted caramel sauce, and the shiny perfect scoops of ice-cream in contrast to the crispy, dark surface of the charcoal waffle. And of course our coffee had hearts, because why not? 

The goodness comes right after, with the indulgent salted egg yolk sauce.

It flowed like a gorgeous, golden waterfall over the waffle just making its way through the little ridges and finally falling of the edge and onto the plate. 

My first bite was or-gas-mic

The ice-cream took quite awhile to melt (it lasted through my ridiculous picture spam) which is always a sign of really good quality ice-cream. 

See, this place has everything. Instagram-worthy walls, insta-gram worthy tables cause everything's wood, and now, an ice-cream that waits for you to take a whole bunch of pictures of it before deciding that it's done looking attractive for the cameras. 

That smooth, creamy (but not overly so) goodness slowly sinking into the waffle and melting all the flavours together - yummmmmmmmm. The best part of it all was when everything ended up in a huge puddle on our plate, and we're both scraping the last bit of the waffle through all of the salted caramel sauce and right through the puddle of ice-cream. 

Just letting that last, most important bite soak up all the deliciousness that ended up getting left behind. Sighhhh. Why do all good things come to an end?

The coffee was relatively okay. I think the waffles took away the glory from the coffee and they sat cold, and unwanted next to the "king". 

Let's just say, it's not going to be my last experience with this neighbourhood gem. You can also check out other desserts that they offer on their website here - !

FatCat Ice Cream Bar is located at:

Blk 416, Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416

Contact: 6241 0830 (They don't accept reservations!!)
Nearest MRT Station: Bedok MRT
Buses: 18 or 225

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