Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sun, sea, sand, sweat. Sunburn.

In all honesty, right now, I'm blogging in absolute pain. My back and shoulders are redder than cooked lobsters. I'll get through it. Slowly, and painfully.

Morning; kickboxing. And I really have to go easy on my knee. It's starting to act up again.... thank goodness for KT Tape. Rushed down for track PT with the rest at Sentosa, and then Syarm and I tanned (which explains my lobster-self). Remind me never to underestimate training by the water. Literally, sand, sun, sea. And repeat. Everything you've ever done on land, warm ups and drills that once seemed so easy, turns into something ten times more difficult in water. D;

Had a good heart to heart session with Syarm while we watched the rest of the team bury Haikal in the sand and leave him there.

And I saw a dead skinless frog. It's a bad omen. I hate frogs.

This qt 3.14 was running all over the place teehee

Khairi made me my usual caramel macchiato, and sent me off home. 

Asked for my coffee sleeve, and he said: 

K "Eh, manje eh mintak coffee sleeve."
Me "Tak salah pe. Coffee sleeve je, bukannye mintak nombor kau. " :P

Two can play at that game mister. 

But he never disappoints me with bad coffee. :')

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