Friday, August 28, 2015

Jumpin' for a brunchin' // 23 Jumpin'

It has definitely been a long while since I've gone on a food hunt. Finally found the chance to do that today, hence this upcoming mouth watering post.

I apologize in advance to all those who

1) Have yet to eat anything (which should not be the case, ahem, no skipping meals),
2) Get hungry easily but moths are coming out of every corner of your wallet right now; i.e. broke (a huge majority of us......),
3) Are just too lazy to leave the house and that's why you're all camping out on this page and staring at food photographs in an attempt to calm your hunger pangs.

And I'm sorry......again...

Today's pit stop was a recommendation by a good girl-friend of mine, V, and surprisingly it's a stone's throw away from where we live! To be exact, 13 minutes by car. Thank goodness she drives~ For everyone else, it's two minutes walk from Tai Seng MRT!

23 Jumpin' is located right in the heart of the industrial estate of Tai Seng. Taking the bus to school and passing by the area everyday, I never suspected that there was such a gem tucked away amongst those tall buildings.

There's a warehouse building next to where 23 Jumpin' is located for all those driving and are looking for parking!

This little cafe is right in the middle of a stretch of small little eateries; two ice-cream parlors and a few healthy bistros amongst others.

That huge article on the left of the door is a showcase of the review done by renowned food blogger - LadyIronChef.

Although there was ample seating indoors, V and I chose to be seated outside. If you're all about gorgeous lighting when it comes to food photography, or you just want to be a vainpot and take selfies in amazing lighting, the outdoors is almost always a better choice.

Despite it being 32 degrees, a slight breeze was blowing, which made alfresco seating perfect.

We were handed the menus, after which we had to walk in to order and make payment. Best part? No GST or service charge!

We decided to share the entire meal and ordered:

Mushroom pizza waffle (they're known for their pizza waffles!) - $14, Honey paprika wings (yet another popular choice) - $8, Duck confit with mashed potatoes and vegetables - $16. For drinks, I decided to try the Thai Iced Milk tea - $5, and V ordered her Matcha Latte - $4.50.

Payment is accepted by both NETS and cash! Also, do remember to get your own cutlery and serviettes after ordering! They're located next to the huge jug of ice water (free-flow!).

We didn't have to wait long for our drinks to arrive; probably 5 minutes or so? The server mistook V's hot matcha for a cold one instead, but he quickly apologized and switched the wrong order even though we told him it was okay. He was really polite about it as well!

Close up of the beautiful latte art on V's matcha.

Mushroom and cheese waffle; and the huge portion of duck confit.

The colours just pop off the white plate~ Note: I'm a sucker for colourful plating. 

I could not find a knife (or maybe I just didn't look hard enough), but a spoon and a fork stuck into this huge duck leg was enough. The perfectly moist duck meat fell away from the bone with ease. The skin still crispy and yet not at all greasy. The hero of this dish was definitely the duck for me.

Mashed potato tasted like any normal mashed potato would, in my opinion. The sauce had a slight orange tang to it which cut through the richness of the mashed potato and it's gravy accompaniment.

Close up of the honey paprika wings

The wings look similar to the one's Lola's cafe are famous for. They are, however, slightly spicier in comparison to the sweeter wings found at Lola's with the generous sprinkling of paprika. No, of course we used our fingers to devour into these beauties. Cripsy skin, moist flesh, excellent balance of sweet and spice. What more could we ask for? The only thing we left behind were the clean bones.

We split the waffle right down the middle in an attempt to 'share' it. Crispy waffle topped with generous amounts of cheese and mushroom. Simplicity at its best. I always agree with the motto of 'If you're doing something simple, make sure it's perfect,'

And it was. A pity we were too stuffed beyond belief to finish this. This is definitely one for the ultimate cheese lover - yes I'm talking about all you people who open the tops of cheese bottles and just pour a mountain of it all over your pasta.

It's fine, we've all been guilty of it at least once! ;)

For a grand total of $47.50, it was totally worth it. I would say reasonable prices for it's portion size. Aside from that, it's completely accessible; just a short walk away. So you have no excuse not to drop by!

I'll make it a point to squeeze the truffle fries (it's on the menu guys), and a dessert in there somewhere the next time I visit.

For now, I shall succumb to my food coma with absolutely no regret!

23 Jumpin'
1 Irving Place
(Nearest MRT : Tai Seng, Exit A)
Contact: 8798 2625

Opening Hours:
Tues - Sun (11:00 - 21:00)

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