Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fie x Hanoi: Cave climbing at Ha Long Bay

Dino stayed on with me at the hostel and brought me to breakfast the next morning. Yes, more noodles. No, I'm not complaining.

He had already booked my ticket for the tour through Ha Long Bay the day before and kept reminding me that I had to be down in time for the tour bus to fetch me. He had work, so he couldn't join me which was pretty sad. I did appreciate the alone time anyhow! The tickets (mine wasn't an overnight stay!) cost me about 600, 000 VND? Which isn't much if you convert it into SGD, around $30? Inclusive of a damn good seafood lunch on board the boat, of course.

How can something so simple be so darn good?!?!?

So, tour bus came to pick me up around 8-ish, and then we went around to various different hotels and hostels to pick other tourists up. Mostly Australians were around, and in the end, I did have a few conversations with them during my trip.

Had a short pit stop before continuing our three hour journey to the bay area. Yes, three hours. Aside from that, the tour guide kept calling my name Sophia. I just went along with it..... exhaustion mostly.

The lunch doesn't include drinks or soft drinks (which pretty much sucks), you have to pay extra for those. Thankfully, I had my own water bottle. So, take note if you're thinking of traveling on a budget!

I think I got pretty sunburnt after sitting out on the deck all day without any sunscreen. But the serenity, and the towering monumental cliffs just left me in awe and snapping away. I was literally sitting at the edge of the boat....

We finally reached the dock where the caves were. There are quite a number of them caves, but we only went into and up one!

Entering the cave, the cool atmosphere countered the excessive heat from the outside. The photographs I took don't do justice to what I really experienced during my short climb.

We finally made it out on to the top, and the view was breathtaking of course. 

The climb back down was slightly harder since the stairs were made for people with miniature feet... On top of which, they were really steep cut.

We made our three hour journey back in the bus to the city, and by the time I reached my hotel, it was almost 8pm. 

Huy came by to the hotel to fetch me and he took me out for dinner (yes I hadn't eaten anything since lunch happened), just the two of us. Noodles.

It was nice getting to know him better, and we just talked about random things. He brought me on a short tour around the area before sending me back to the hotel. I crashed pretty late, which resulted in me almost being late for my flight. Woops.

Dino was banging on my hostel room door at 10.30 and I was in a mad rush to get ready to leave. Thankfully, we made it just in time.

Even managed to get food into my system HAHA. Fat is me.

Another smooth flight back to Singapore (I felt like it took slightly longer), but I fell asleep on the flight.

Pretty much sums up my first solo trip to Vietnam. Till my next noodle hunt!

Not many videos though or vlogs, because I had a full phone memory :( 

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