Monday, August 24, 2015

Day in the life of yours truly.

I've been quite active with the whole vlogging and documenting my travels thing since I came back from my long 'AWOL' around Southeast Asia. So, last Saturday, I decided to go through an entire day in my life vlog seeing as I had so much to accomplish on that particular day anyhow.

Had the whole filming thing and we found this hidden gem of a location while we were getting lost in Suntec. The light was amazing, so Ira and I took full advantage of it. We went a little mad, and I literally took 100+++ photos of her, no keedz. I don't mind the snapping, I just don't know how to narrow them down when I'm sending photos to her HAHAHA.  #firstworldproblems

Walked over to the F1 Pit Building (which was supposed to be our initial stop....) and filmed the SIA Carnival that was ongoing. Cars and activities galore. Even bumped into Sufie who was happily roaming around since she wasn't on duty.

Finally we dragged our starving selves over to Max Brenner at Esplanade Mall to grab a bite. The crepe was to die for, I swear. Peanut butter, banana and chocolate is a never fail combination imo.

Final pit stop was the annual Nightfest - Armenian Street, to the main festival next to SMU and ending it off by watching the light show on the National Museum.

Was pretty much exhausted by that time. Ended the night with my girls at Zouk before crashing home at 4am.

Can't believe it's the final week of holidays before the mad Fall semester starts. Where did the days go?

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