Friday, August 14, 2015


I have been a horrible horrible blogger lately - not punctual with my posts and totally not making an effort to clear my backlog of travel vlogs/articles and I'm nowhere near starting on my food section.

On a side note, I am officially done with the Summer semester, and two weeks till I jump right into the hectic Fall semester. Five modules await. :/

For now, here's a quick update on what I've been up to lately!

Catching up with some old friends/classmates seem to be a thing:

1. Zouk, Attica and I caught Paper towns with Aidil. 

Pardon the horrible photo quality from my front camera.

2. Briefing and sharing session for this year's SSEAYP participants. (Plus finally had Creamier waffles with wonderful company)

(Missing Wanlin so so much. So proud of her for getting back into the program this year)

3. Regular food dates with the NTU-land locked sis (who's currently in KL enjoying her weekend.....)

That gorgeous pile of waffles with grilled mango, coconut sauce and shaved toasted coconut + glorious moist apple crumble with vanilla bean ice cream is from none other than Wild Honey.

4. One Altitude with part of my Zouk kakis :')

5. Recently celebrating Aidil's 22nd with movie and pizza

6. Lunch date with the Nutella-ian at Hanare 

And I'm finally proud to announce I've tried llao llao !!!! (I sense all the judging looks right now) Impromptu movie with my Mexithai woman - Vacation is hilarious btw you guys.

Yes, I now have my track shirt. And I'm super proud of it.

In addition to all that has been going on, I've got to give a huge shoutout to my favourite baristas down by my Starbucks hideout for tolerating my face - only cause I go over everyday for my coffee fix. We're all homies now. 

Plus, I'm gonna be saying goodbye to FF in just a few short months !!! :( Maybe hello to Evolve?? Yep, my martial arts dreams could come true? Who knows. 

Apparently taekwondo was never enough woops

The sounds of Tove Lo now playing in the background as I abruptly end this August post, and start my official two week holiday.

Did I forget to mention, I'm running on 24 hours of no sleep?

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