Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aidilfitri 2k15 (long overdue)

I realize this is really long overdue, and I am such a procrastinator, but my motto is always and will always be "better late than never". It's more of an excuse really. I'm feeling more motivated today, so let's do this before it wears off, yes?

As usual, spent this years aidilfitri celebrations with my family - incomplete as always. Brother's in Tasmania, cousin's in UK, everyone is everywhere. Mom fell sick, so she spent the whole first day sleeping in the room, while I dashed between the kitchen and the living room entertaining the guests and making sure everything was going smoothly. I was dead beat, and I fell asleep for awhile in the room. Signs of getting old. 

The kids all growing up and I'm left wondering how tall my heels have to be next year to make it above my niece's head. Mind you, she's taller than me, and she's 12.

Mom did finally take #OOTD's for me this year, which is an achievement! Not many burst photos either HAHA.

Visiting the relatives:

Getting lost on the way to Tampines from ECP, and ending up at Changi Airport only because my aunt refuses to use her GPS system.

Oh we did use google maps, but she gave me the wrong address. Welcome to my family guys.

In addition to that, this year, I had two open houses. The first day I only invited a couple of my friends, those who could make it, and I had some family over too.

Wish I could have had the full squad over, I miss my Biz Comm group mates. Us and our food obsessions. Everything food-related.

Had Amie and Syarm over as well, seeing as she couldn't make it for the second day.

I was supposed to be their "tree", and they were the bollywood couple dancing around me. WHAT.

The main open house day left me and mom stressing over why the chilli was not working out for the sambal prawns, her wrapping the entire pot and flinging it in a corner, and me ninja-cooking cereal prawns.

Our ayam masak merah turned into something curry-ish? And my family delivered a huge ass chocolate fudge cake from Prima Deli to my door. I was surprised a f.

Fad basically camped at the cookie table. I think I almost had to drag him away.

My beloved work mates <3

First time having Esther over for Hari Raya, and I'm so glad we got to catch up slightly. We should be doing this more often you shit.

Of course, my life has changed so much since I met my favourite favourite bunch of people. Traveling with them for three whole months and going through thick and thin together for almost half a year has made me a whole different person.

No one said it was maturity that changed. HAHAHAHA. Sorry not sorry Weijian HAHA.

The annoying bij that finally made an appearance back in my life, my neighbour who always grabs cookies from me, and my beloved brother who taught me how to tut and gives the best damn hugs ever.

First time raya at my place. Don't think it'll be your last will it now? Can't believe he's done with school and just waiting for convocation sigh pie. When is my turn coming. SERIOUSLY.

Things have changed so much since I started college. And I'm so glad to have met all these people who have basically been my balance between sanity and madness.

Major C, workmates, Team HA for life yo.

This bij wore baju kurung for me, all the way from Lakeside :') Love you.

Always la with my annoying sister. What would I do without her?

She came just at the right moment when everyone left HAHAHA.

Madness. Rollercoaster rides. Through all of this, we're still stuck like glue. I love you shits. :*

And the miracle through all of this?

We finally took a proper picture together. :') Bucket list checked. Love my best friend to bits. :') Nagging at me for water and food wastage and helping me wipe the dishes dry HAHAHA.

It was a good Aidilfitri, if i do say so myself. Catching up with old friends, forging closer bonds with the ones I already have. It's what Aidilfitri's all about. 

Loved every single moment of it, and I really appreciated all those who came. May the same bunch be around to celebrate 2k16 with me. 


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