Sunday, July 5, 2015

Three-oh-seven, and a half.

It's exactly a year since my travel journey with SSEAYP, and almost half a year since I met up or contacted my cabin mates. It was absolute joy for me when I found out my bimbo was coming down to Singapore for the weekend.

Bimbos are something we call ourselves in the cabin. We're always up to something - binging on snacks and emptying the snack cupboard, or doing something really really questionable - ironing without switching the iron on, for example.

So, Jacq came down to Singapore for food (according to her). I beg to differ. I think the shopping was calling. Anyhow, we met up for a short while, and we bumped into Huishan and Bela as well.

Unplanned outfits - print and denim. Purely coincidence, really.

Accompanied her boyfriend to shop around Uniqlo, before we dissected Bugis Street for awhile. The crowd was horrible.

The chrome effect was such a disappointment that day.

Jacq went off to join her boyfriend, and I took Bela and Huishan to the Geylang Bazaar to fulfill their food list. Churros, fried oreos, ice cream... the works.

Bela left after getting her oreos and churros. Huishan and I ended up breaking fast together under the Eunos train tracks, while watching the sun go down. Oh, it was also the first time I ate a soft-shell crab, shell and all.

Short, sweet. Another positive addition to my memory bank.

Oh, I'm loving my new glasses. I think, it could be a thing. Don't you?

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