Wednesday, July 22, 2015


So, recently, my life has been filled with the emergence of people from my past - not that I mind it; much, although it is quite creepy how everyone's coming back into my life all at once.

Managed to reconnect with quite a few of them, and the most recent being, Jake. I've known him for a couple of years, but we never really spoke or crossed paths as much. Then, he migrated to Perth for school, and came back for a visit and we decided that it was a good time to say, 'Hello again,'

In a couple of hours he'll be leaving back for Perth, and god knows when he'll be back again. So I'm on this space reminiscing about the past few days we've actually spent together doing the stupidest things.

Impromptu plans everywhere - from Jalan Kayu to Yishun Dam. Now my phone has endless attempted music videos from him (apparently for me to remember him more when he flies back....). It's hard to forget you please -_-

I hadn't been out late for a pretty long time, and it was so, right. Quiet, yet no thoughts flitting through my mind continuously, no worries, no nothing. Just right.

From jamming to weird Taylor Swift songs in the car, and making bad puns and all his endless pickup lines. What.

Went all the way down to IKEA Alexandra to meet him yesterday too, and he wanted to re-enact 500 Days of Summer. So, both our snapchats were full of even more ridiculous videos. On top of that, his hair was green - he wants to be a cactus or a broccoli in his next life.

Queensway shopping centre for his curry chicken then IKEA again.

I never laughed so hard in all my life. I could not contain myself.

It's just nice to feel like a real person all over again, I guess. It's been awhile.

I'll visit you soon you crazy shit. Don't forget me, or I'll never let you forget my obsession with Shigga Shay. :P

Have a safe flight x Love.

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