Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oh marble and leather


No idea why I disappeared in the first place. Must be my sudden Sims 4 addiction. (I succumbed to the temptation of recent Origin sales...... )

It's been week after week of lazing around at home; sleeping in, sleeping late. Basically treasuring my alone time i.e. turning into a lone wolf/recluse. I somewhat enjoy the quiet though. It gives me ample time to run through and sort my thoughts out, which is always nice.

Tuesdays bring me back to the music lessons I always look forward to. Never thought I would enjoy studying theory based music instead of holding an instrument or performing in public, but I kinda do. The whys, hows, wheres and who of music. Links so much to my need for travel and yearn for constant knowledge and "fun facts".

We hit the Esplanade today for a short tour through the echoing concert hall, and ended back up on the rooftop. So many of my questions answered today, thanks to the ever entertaining guide.

Me and my fellow lonely seniors. (We are in a full class of freshmen. Scary)

Joke of the day: (I guess I was the joke of the day)

Lou: "Fie, you should take a picture or outfit of the day next to the general waste bin, or the aluminium!"
Amy: "Cause you're cheap."

Thanks guys.....

My thighs are haunting me. I need to get back to the track. Like, asap.

We walked around after we ended since Amy had some film to use up. Ended up taking endless selfies (not complaining), and ridiculous videos.

We headed back to Raffles City, where they ate Nam Nam for an early dinner. Talked about random stuff - type of guys, Vietnamese vs Thai food and all sorts of things under the sun. It's been awhile since I had such a conversation. I really sound like a sad soul.

Met the SPYs for dinner/break fast, and I really missed having our routine trainings at Scape. Brought back so many memories; especially when Patsy started sorting out t-shirts in the middle of Old Town.

Had a really good catch-up with them, and we received our equator certificates (finally!!). Have so much to be thankful for today despite the train breakdowns happening across the country.

And I finally got my birthday present (two months overdue) from Ridhu. 

Life has been pretty good lately. This week has been good. :')

Count your blessings. Everything looks more beautiful then. Have a good week everyone. x

Today's ootd:

Leather shift dress: Something Borrowed
Nike Roshe Marble Grey: Daisypicks
Glasses: Bugis

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