Friday, July 10, 2015

A thing?



My mind right now.

How do I begin this.

Let's do it bullet point format, shall we?

  1. Productive afternoon. It's Friday, so it's gym day. As most of you reading would probably have known by now, I train 4x a week. The two hours in the gym felt especially good today.
  2. Laundry. Check.
  3. Constant worrying about last night? Check.

Finally, the words are sorta starting to flow.

Anyhow, finally I can fling my music notes in the air and say I'm done, because presentation is D O N E. I'm actually pretty surprised how calm I was, despite the videos and all not working. Pulled through that.

I like how at the end, Dr Wong actually mentioned how he was having dinner with Benjamin Kheng, and Lou and I just about squealed. The whole bunch of freshmen just stared at us. Sigh. Why would you judge such a hottie though?!?!?

Had dinner/break fast with Ira at Nandos, and it was good to catch up. So glad she's finally doing well x We had a good laugh about "Mak kau hijau" (youtube it if you don't already know what it is!), and I dropped by H&M to get a few basics.


Missed working with this boy. The Jack to my Jill x

Met L at his place. Had a pretty good chill out session by the pool till pretty late. We were trying in vain to avoid the security guard who roamed by our hideaway almost every few minutes. L and I learnt something yesterday. Never mix whisky, vodka and coke together. Holy sh*t.

Left around 1am, and fetched Abby from Pioneer Mall. Cab fare ended up being $60?!?! Jurong West to home yo. No joke. Crashed at Abby's place till 3-ish, and then home. Thankfully we live just across the road.

Woke up with a pounding head from exhaustion this morning, but I'm feeling much better. 

The workout and the pouring rain did me good today. Sorta cleared my head. I'll be good for awhile. 

"The pain is a reminder that we happened."

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