Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wild rice,

Past one A.M. and i'm still up, god knows why. Legs cramping up sitting in this upright position (which is probably ridiculously bad for my back, but heck)


I was too exhausted from room-revamping yesterday to post any pictures, butttttt a vlog should be up soon. Maybe i'll do a room tour if i'm not lazy heh heh.

Today was spent with a short stint at the Wild Rice production's show at the National Library. It was full of hilarious snippets here and there, but do get the $2 program before you even watch the show. If not, you'll have no head or tail of what's going on.

Hit Sephora with the intention of getting my foundation, and I walked out with a whole bunch of stuff. Sigh, I had one job....... 

I might do a haul video too, once my Zalora loot appears. I've been shopping alot lately. Bad.

Ended the day with a short trip down to the Geylang Bazaar with Khai to satisfy my ridiculous cravings. Grabbed caramel churros, and coconut ice-cream, followed by a weirdly delicious taco dengdeng. Yup, you heard me right.

I still need to get curtains and stuff, so I'll be heading back tomorrow with the sis before sending the best friend off at the airport. Can't wait to pack my bags and fly off in December. Just, can't.

Okay, i'm off. Need to do something about my toilet-brush-hair thing. It's pissing me off. :// 

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