Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fie x Saigon: Pink is the new black, hair.

The last full day in beautiful Saigon left me sitting in a salon for almost four hours, and letting Tue the hairdresser attend to my horrible black and orange hair.

I suddenly wish I had done a timelapse of the whole process, but regardless, I had the most gorgeous hot pink/red ombre locks after that. Never in my right mind would I have thought I’d ever dye my hair a bright pink, but it was only about SGD25-30? Yes, I know.

I can’t seem to find the address, but when I do, it’ll be down below!
Mai came home from her interview, and we both needed to get out of the house just to relax and spend some time together doing nothing before I left HCMC.

We finally managed to locate the NYX store, and I got my eyebrow pencil and lip cream. And no, price wise, it’s about the same as it is in Singapore (just that they obviously have more stock as compared to the ones in Sephora here).

Luxe. Again.

I can’t get enough of how gorgeous that hair colour really is.
It’s a pain to maintain definitely, and I’ve been bleeding pink all over my pillows for awhile, but it’s totally worth it.
Dinner was a rustic barbecue place on a rooftop somewhere.

The unique thing is it’s barbecue on a tile, and good god the food captured all of the smoky charr and it was delicious. I got full pretty quickly, especially after the milk tea at Luxe.

Bell joined us, and then they had another round of hotpot.

We ended the night simply by chilling at a bar downtown and singing (more like screaming) our heads off to the beautiful voice of this amazing Filipino singer who basically accepted all our song requests.

It was a good night, and Mai and I got home pretty late. Had to frantically pack my bags in preparation for an early flight out to Hanoi. Legit less than three hours of sleep, and I was up to shower at 5am, and out of the house by 7am?

In the end, I was way early for my flight to Hanoi, and waited for two hours. Thank goodness for the SIM Card i bought. I could entertain myself with social media and videos.

I had no idea what to expect in Hanoi, but I had thoroughly enjoyed myself in Ho Chi Minh.

Of course, I have my wonderful hosts to thank; Mai and her family who lovingly hosted me in their humble abode, and provided me with the best chicken noodle soup, and greeted me with iced coffees every morning. The VPYs, and my dearest friends who took the time to meet me for a short catch up session, and making me feel at home.

I’ll be back.

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