Monday, May 4, 2015

Across the Causeway: Seremban x Kuala Lumpur

Seremban’s a one hour drive away from Melaka Sentral. We had the privilege of staying at Ridhu’s humble abode over in Seremban before making our way to Kuala Lumpur the next day.

All of us were exhausted by the time we got home, and after greeting Ridhu’s mum and his sister, I took a shower, and slept in his sister’s room, while the boys crashed Ridhu’s room for the night.

I was the last one awake, surprisingly. You can’t blame me! All the lack of sleep collected over the past few days, woah, I was surprised that I could still bring myself to get out of bed.

Took a quick shower, and went out into the front garden. I was greeted with the cloudless blue sky. The neighbourhood Ridhu stays in is situated away from the main city, which leaves it pretty serene. Seremban in itself is a huge contrast to Kuala Lumpur with the absence of huge megamalls and attractions. They have to travel quite a distance just to get to the nearest mall, which left me thankful that I could walk anywhere I wanted back home.

His mum was up and about in the garden doing the laundry, while his youngest sister followed her around. The house was filled with the sound of weekend cartoons playing on the television. An array of local dishes, lovingly cooked by his mum awaited us. Home-cooked lontong, with sambal ikan bilis and even delicately made desserts all prepared specially for us. Let’s just say, I’m going back there sometime soon. :’)

The whole family sat down to breakfast together, which was really nice. We entertained each other with random jokes and it felt like home away from home.

Ridhu gave us all gifts; shirts for the boys, and a book for me. He hadn’t read the book yet, and I was really thankful for a new read.

Took a few photos for keepsake before we left the house for the train station. I wish I could have stayed longer, but his family is waiting for me to get over there for Hari Raya, which I’m looking forward to.

We reached the train station, and had to say goodbye to his sister. Ridhu came along with us to KL, so his sister drove the car back home. Bought tickets, and we made our way to the platform.

Saw the train and ran for it, and during this time, Koki actually dropped his ticket somewhere. Ridhu told us to board first, and said he would join us at KL Sentral. I never thought I would feel so lost and panicky suddenly being left all alone without a guide, in a foreign place.

Went to look for Keng, who was supposed to be meeting us at KL Sentral as well. Apparently he was late, so all of us were permanently stranded.

Ridhu joined us not long after, and then finally Keng came and surprised us. He dragged us all off for lunch, and we took the train. We bumped into Spiderman on the train too, no kidding. I’ve got a whole video of it. And all of us appeared in The Star newspaper.

We got lost at Aeon Mall, because we took two separate cabs from the train station. When we finally met each other again, we decided on vietnamese food, for Bell’s sake.

And it was really authentic food! Completely fresh, and oh my god, delicious.

Bell made the vietnamese spring rolls for me, and they were so fresh and crunchy and so much goodness. The omelette was really excellent too, despite being a tad greasy. Just a tad. Talking about all this food makes me impatient for upcoming trip to Vietnam already.

We took a walk back to Keng’s place, where we would be staying for a day. There, we met Jein, and then suddenly it was a mad ruckus, and a whole avalanche of hugs erupted.


After a short break, and recharging of cameras and ourselves, we left for the Petronas towers. All of us, and I mean all of us squeezed into Jein’s car. Four of us in the back seat, me being the unfortunate one in the middle of Koki and Ridhu, while Keng sprawled on top of our three laps. Bell had the most comfortable ride cause he rode shotgun…. the amount of screams and yells from the back seat was , well, awkward, mostly.

It didn’t look like that all the time. No, the smiling faces were temporary. Pain came much later.

Reached the Petronas twin towers, and we walked to the water fountain area to take pictures. Met up with Rey, from the Philippines there and it was nice to have a small reunion with everyone.

Walked around, and took a few pictures. None of which are good enough to be on here, damn. Then, I saw Jackie, my Brunei cabin mate walking up, and I basically ran to her. So much emotions, I swear. And we all finally met her boyfriend who became our official camera man for the night.

Headed off to dinner at the food court, and we managed to catch up even more there. Nik and Ikin joined us after their book fair. So much love in KL with the biggest reunion so far.

Nik, Ikin, Rey and Jackie left after dinner. The rest of us all piled into Jein’s car, and we made our way to the bridge to get our emo on.
Except for Koki. He fell asleep on the bridge.

Ended the day at Keng’s place, slightly after 11pm. Showered, and got a free Thai massage before drifting off to sleep. A good first day surrounded by family.

That’s always nice.

You know goodbye is coming. 

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