Monday, May 4, 2015

Across the Causeway: Malacca

So, this is kinda a short series I made after my long trip around parts of Southeast Asia. I realize that I never really ventured out to visit Malaysia which is quite unfortunate. Especially since we're legit neighbours.

Across the Causeway is basically a short documentation of my trip throughout certain parts of Malaysia; beginning with Malacca - Seremban - Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!

To be honest, I hadn’t been to Malacca since I was a kid and back then, I went there for a short walkabout with the parents. Or maybe it was some tour group thing, I don’t really know.

Bell’s interest in running all over the surrounding Asian countries brought me to Malacca, and how my perspective on the little town has changed since my last visit.

We left for Golden Mile complex in the morning to collect our bus tickets. We met Koki there as well, and our bus took us through to Melaka Sentral. It sure took us a long while, since our journey started at 8am, and we only reached Melaka Sentral at 3pm?!?!?! Aside from us dragging the entire bus during our immigration, everything else went pretty smoothly. I still have no idea why we were so late reaching Melaka Sentral.

Kaya balls!!

Basically, our bus stopped at every main “station” to alight passengers off. At that point, the whole two families behind us were raging at the driver. I had never been in a bus for so long before, and I was on the verge of exhaustion and probably death.

After the bus stopped for the gazillionth time, we reached Melaka Sentral. And Wong surprised us there! I was so tired that every part of me wanted to ignore everything and collapse into a bed somewhere until I heard the familiar voice~ Throughout the journey he was texting me, asking where I was and what my bus number was. I didn’t suspect anything, probably because I’m that gullible….. But honestly, it was a relief and a really nice surprise to see a familiar face.

We walked a whole lot. And I’m not exaggerating. That was when I was so thankful that i had a backpack instead of a luggage, because Koki was dragging his everywhere. Yes, even up the hills where we hiked.

Our first stop was at this amazing crepe cake shop; Nadeje. Wong was raving about it so much, and I was starving by that time, so I was all ready to sink my teeth into something. Anything.

I was so pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the cake. They were really light and fluffy, which is surprising for a crepe-layered cake. After every bite I found I wanted more, instead of filling really full of milky cream. Easy on the palette with the flavours too. My absolute favourite was the mango one. So if you ever head to Malacca, please grab like a whole collection of these to bring home. Better than donuts.

Graffiti was everywhere. Of course, we took the chance to spam a ridiculous amount of pictures despite the hot hot heat, and us being surrounded by luggage and ish.

We made our way to the Christ Church area, as well as the famous A-Famosa structure.

This trip was full of mandatory tourist shots, basically.

Yes, we hiked all the way up to the top of St Paul’s hill; with Koki lugging his luggage behind him.

Reached the top, and I almost got chased away by the owner of this parrot. Apparently I wasn't supposed to take a picture lol. Sorry bro, done and dusted. 

Throughout my visit, I came across various talents. This guy in particular is an amazing artist. Painting portraits and architecture in water colour. 

Watercolour and pen are my two favourite mediums in art, and all the landscapes he was drawing and painting were so detailed. The amount of patience he has for such things, woah. I remember I had to do one panel of watercolour and pen in school once, and I had no patience for fine detail. Respect~

One of my favourite pictures from this trip. Only because it looks like Amsterdam, or some watercolour painting.

Walked pass Christ Church to Jonker Walk for lunch. Aside from the mandatory tourist shots, we ate a whole lot. Thanks to Wong and his endless food recommendations. The only good thing was we walked everywhere, which meant we burnt all the calories off at the same time. Thank God.

“Uncle, smile (in Chinese) !”
“Hah? Smile?” /proceeds to pose

Lunch was the infamous chicken rice ball. I drank more water than I ate, honestly. Only because the weather was extremely hot.

The chicken was damn good. Soft, moist, and with generous helpings of sauce. :’)
It was a much appreciated break, before Wong dragged us over to Christ Church.

The aunty of this shop almost yelled at me basically. Apparently I'm not allowed to take a shot of this either. Malacca is turning out to be a pain for street photographers.....

Walked pass yet another graveyard. Yay graveyards…..It was a Dutch graveyard this time.

After that endless walking, we ended up at another food stop. This time, it was Satay. According to Wong, it’s quite famous, and the queues are always endless.

We were lucky we only had to wait for a short while, and while waiting we drank some really good soyabean.

How this works is, you buy the “satay” by the stick. You go over to their display and pick what you want to eat. Then they’ll put in the satay sauce into this hotpot-looking-thing for you to dip and cook your food in. Note: Never wear white. These sauces be dangerous.

We were stuffed full by then, and Ridhu came to pick us up after work. 
We ended up back at Jongker Walk for the night market.

Jongker Walk at night is really similar to Chinatown. It’s bustling with food stalls, and stalls selling the weirdest things. Probably like your typical Singapore Pasar malam.

We took a walk around the canal which was lighted up with fairy lights. I thought “clarke quay” when i first saw the place. Bars and cafes surround the area, with people just chilling.

After that? More food. Ridhu took us to have cheese naan. Even that area reminded me of Simpang Bedok, or your normal Al-Azhar getup.

Some cheese naan with chicken tikka masala anyone?

All that food before dragging ourselves to the skybar, where all of us suddenly decided not to spend money for drinks. It’s free entry to the skybar, so we just sat by the side tables and enjoyed the surrounding view of Malacca.

We totally fit in with the staff working there. Their attire was basically white shirt and black pants. Hence, this picture.

The atmosphere was definitely not captured through the photos. Probably why I accompany most, if not all of my travelogues with a vlog. Sights and sounds, right?

The next pit stop was a stayover in Seremban, so stay tuned for that!

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