Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Across the Causeway: Batu Caves

Was jolted awake by Bell heading to the toilet for a shower in the morning. Good enough, since I managed to catch the amazing sunrise letting itself into Keng’s room.

You have the illuminating sunrise, and then you have the sausage boys.

All of us finally got up and ready for yet another new day. Amir and Lutfi were coming to pick us up to drag us to Batu Caves for a breakfast hike. We packed all our belongings, and me and Bell took our backpacks to the car since we would be staying with Jein that night.

Thank God this time we had a bigger car.

It was close to an hour of travel to Batu Caves, and there was a huge winding jam right outside and on the highway. 

Had a vegetarian breakfast at a little shop within the Batu Caves compound before making our way up the 300 steps to the top. The place was filled with people – young and old. Along the streets, there were food and drink stalls, and even a barber! The only other thing crowding the place was pigeons, and man did I panic when they flew really low.

Basically, the Batu Caves are a place of worship. The intense climb up the stairs to the top is usually done barefoot, to test the patience and humility of a person. At least I think so. We got to climb up in our shoes though, but not before covering up. I had to wear a sarong to cover my legs since my dress showed a little skin.

Don’t be fooled by your own stamina. The steps up are steep, and once you stop to catch your breath, the climb seems impossible to continue. I think I had to drag a couple of people up, lol!

Upon entering, I got chased by a chicken. Yes, there were chickens and monkeys everywhere. And even more pigeons of course.

And we still had to climb up to the top where the gorgeousness was.

We made it up there, so we had to begin the climb down. The steps were steeper going down though, which meant we had to be extra careful.

Sweat and all.
Then everyone proceeded to chase pigeons.

Said goodbye to Ridhu, who had to leave for home. The car was pretty empty without his presence. :/
Made our way to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Ivan. Pit-stop and we grabbed a bite at Macs.

Rendezvoused with Jein and Ivan, and they brought us elsewhere for dinner. Bell, Koki, Keng, Jein, me and Ivan were the first ones there, and the other half of the Motley crew only appeared like an hour later?!?! Apparently they got lost.

We had finished most of the amazing food already, woops.

Best thing in the world right there - Mee Raja. Literally translated into King of Noodles. 

Full strength, before Jein, Bell, Ivan, Koki, Keng and I headed to Sky 360 for the view of KL and said goodbye to the rest.

We said goodbye to Keng, Ivan and Koki after that. Koki was leaving for a different country on his itinerary the next day. Jein, Bell and I headed back to her place where I spent the rest of the night immersed in Ridhu’s book while Bell and Jein drank the night away.

Last day in KL coming up!

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