Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wheelers Yard

Wheelers Yard has been quite the rage lately. Their signature blue door towers over visitors when they walk into the entrance, and it has been conquering the likes on Instagram if I do say so myself. There has always been a constant buzz about this unique cafe amongst the crowd of hipsters, and I’m one of the few who’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and pay this out of the ordinary cafe a visit.
Wheelers Yard is buried in the heart of Balestier, hiding itself well from the hustle and bustle of the Singapore city life. This location doesn’t stop the curious from venturing into its hideaway. A bicycle cafe catering to both bicycle lovers and foodies alike, this cafe offers both indoor and outdoor dining. Adding to that, it’s easily accessible for all those who’ve built up a huge appetite while cycling especially since the surrounding park connectors lead cyclists straight to it’s location.
Without your own transportation, Wheelers Yard seems quite troublesome to get to. I remember my friends and I getting lost on the way there in the cab, and confusing the daylights out of the taxi driver. Google Maps was getting a little mad as well, but we finally found our way! A tip for drivers and cabbies alike; turn in at the sign that says Jalan Ampas, and go all the way to the end! You’ll find Lorong Ampas soon enough ! For those driving, they offer parking just next door to the cafe itself, so no worries!

The building provides a rustic feel with its grey cemented and brick walls. The blue door and the bicycle add a little touch of what’s to come.
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I find the little details add to the character of the entire cafe. Like oil bins, and wood signs. Coupled with a little pop of colour here and there. It’s no wonder foodies and hipsters alike venture here!

It was relatively early in the afternoon, and yet the place was packed with people. The atmosphere inside was welcoming; very warm with the wooden mis-matched chairs, a sofa or two scattered around and tables for miles. We opted for an indoor seating as the sun was not very forgiving that day and the smell of freshly brewed coffee woke us all up.

We were seated and then the staff provided us with the menus. The pricing was seemingly reasonable, but I was expecting a seemingly normal portion size. I was very wrong though!

We decided to order a side of truffle fries $14.90, to share amongst the three of us. My main was the Pan-seared salmon $22.90, H got the Grilled chicken $17.90, and J opted for theHam & cheese panini $10.90. 
We had to make our way to the counter to place our orders, and the dessert case nearly drove me mad. I wanted to get everything on display, but I held back. They looked so inviting though! A side note for me to come back just for dessert! Tell me they look as tempting as they sound!

Placed our orders, and we were given beepers to let us know when our orders were ready. That didn’t take long, and soon enough I could collect my fruit punch at the counter, along with J’s coffee. The coffee came with a couple of childhood biscuits, the kind you’d use to lick the icing off when you were younger! Brought back fond memories ~

Truffle fries in a huge dish, fit for maybe 4-5 people to share finally made its way to our table. The smell of gorgeous fried food smothered in truffled cheese. I was in absolute heaven. I think one of the best truffle fries I’ve ever eaten!

Look at the amount of cheese on those fries. I’m having a mad craving for them right now.

Grilled chicken~ And look at the huge portion! I’m all for chicken smothered in generous amounts of gravy and potatoes. Really well cooked; tender and the skin was still crispy despite the amount of gravy over it.

I am a huge fan of salmon, and it is I can safely say, my favourite fish. Especially delicious when done right! The skin was music to my ears; so crispy when I ran my knife over it I was in absolute bliss. The fish itself was perfectly cooked, done right and still pink, with the crunch of the baby asparagus to balance the textures. I’m channeling my inner Gordon Ramsay right about now. That is definitely a huge bang for my buck! The salmon wasn’t a thin slice either, it was a reasonable portion, and just right for me.

Crunchy toasted bread with melted cheese. I think we were all in absolute bliss where the food was concerned. The staff were really helpful when they needed to be as well.
Wheelers Yard is just a nice place to relax and soak in the atmosphere away from the city. It’s coupled with good food at reasonable prices especially for the portion sizes. Although it’s not very accessible without your own vehicle, it’s worth the traveling time and confusion!
Wheelers Yard is located at:
28 Lorong Ampas
Singapore 328781
For those taking buses,
Nearest bus-stop: Balestier Shaw Plaza
Bus Service: 21, 130,131, 145, 186,*After alighting, take a 5 min walk in from Jalan Ampas and turn right into Lorong Ampas.
Do take note of their opening hours! They’re closed on Mondays!
Tues – Thurs: 10.30 to 22:00, Fri – Sat: 10.30 to 23:00Sun: 10.30 to 22:00
You can contact them here:
  • +65 6254 9128

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